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There Coalition's 3rd Issues Forum was conducted on Tuesday, March 10th at the Bay Ridge Volunteer Fire Station in Queensbury, NY.

Reports and findings of that meeting will be posted to this site, shortly.  A notice to that effect will be posted here, once the documents have been loaded.


LGWC Subcommittee meetings dates can be viewed at the meeting link above



What and Why

Lake George - Planning for the Future involves completion of a long-term strategy for protecting and improving the water quality and natural resources of Lake George.  The strategy was established as a consensus among local governments, state agencies, and organizations dedicated to protecting the lake
on necessary priority actions. 

Since 1996, the New York State Departments of State and Environmental Conservation have provided grants totaling $2,500,000 through the Environmental Protection Fund for projects to improve Lake George’s water quality.  These projects include the design of improvements along a number of stream corridors to reduce run-off entering the lake, an outreach program to educate property owners on possible
actions to reduce run-off, the preparation of plans to better manage Eurasian milfoil and remove the large siltation deltas which have formed along the shoreline, and construction of storm water management improvements along West Brook and Finkle Brook.   While these projects are progressing well and serve a valuable purpose, local government leaders expressed a further need for establishing a long-term consensus on priority actions for protecting and improving the lake.

The establishment of a long-term strategy will assure that local governments, state agencies, and other organizations work together to maximize the effectiveness of limited financial resources.  Such a strategy should also improve the ability of local governments to access various funding sources for project

How and When

Preparation of Planning for the Future has been financed through a $90,000 Environmental Protection Fund grant awarded by the New York State Department of State to the Town of Lake George, on behalf of all the municipalities along the lake.  The grant was matched by an equal amount of local in-kind services.

Completion of the strategy was overseen by a committee comprised of representatives of the nine municipalities and three counties along the lake (Village of Lake George, Towns of Lake George, Bolton, Hague, Dresden, Putnam, Ticonderoga, Fort Ann, and Queensbury; Warren, Washington, and Essex  Counties);  Soil and Water Conservation Districts; the U.S. Department of Agriculture - Natural Resources Conservation Service; state agencies, including the Departments of State, Environmental Conservation, and Transportation, the Lake George Park Commission, and the Adirondack Park Agency; and other organizations committed to protection of the lake, including the Lake George Association, the Fund for Lake George, the Darrin Fresh Water Institute, the Lake George Basin  Land Conservancy, and Cornell Cooperative Extension. Preparation of this strategy has built on previous plans and efforts undertaken for the lake, particularly “The Plan for the Future of the Lake George Park”, completed in 1987.  Many of the recommendations contained in that plan have been accomplished.  The Planning for the Future initiative has evaluated the status of the recommendations set forth in that plan and identified the next generation of actions that need to be taken to protect and improve Lake George. 

Copies of the Plan can be obtained by contacting the offices of the Lake George Watershed Coalition at the address indicated below.


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