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Lake George Watershed Stewardship Awards


Stewardship Awards Nomination Form

The Lake George Watershed Coalition recognizes lake stewardship service with the LGWC Stewardship Awards. The Awards bring public and professional recognition to individuals, municipalities, institutions and businesses making a significant contribution to protecting and preserving the water quality of the Lake and/or natural resource conservation.

Watershed Stewardship Awards
These awards recognize leaders in planning, design, volunteerism, education, or philanthropy involved with the implementation of watershed stewardship and/or natural resource conservation. The awards will be given for efforts/participation which most exemplify the acts of good stewardship that serve to protect, preserve and enhance this valuable natural resource.

Eligible applicants are: New York State local governments, nonprofit organizations, businesses or individuals implementing an action that will result in a significant contribution to the protection, preservation, or enhancement of water quality and natural resources of the Lake George Basin. 

Selection Criteria
The LGWCAwards Committee seeks applications that demonstrate:


Affirmative actions taken that represent good stewardship of the watershed in its totality


Creativity in education of others, demonstrating to others the benefits and importance of resource stewardship


Extent that individual efforts provide others incentive to ascend to be good stewards of the lake


Effectiveness in creating public awareness of the issues and challenges affecting the welfare of the watershed


Ability to generate broad support of the objectives of the LGWC
Extent to which public and private sector participants have formed a true partnership in planning, developing and financing the projects and initiatives that have been identified as priorities by the LGWC


Creativity in packaging projects (e.g., land acquisition, joint venture aspects, financing, etc.)that benefit LGWC priorities.


Extent of environmental improvement and benefit to the watershed

Selection Process
Applications will be reviewed and evaluated by representatives of the LGWC's Public Participation and Education Committee. The recommended finalists will be forwarded to the LGWC Chair for selection. 

Award Winners
Winners will be announced at an Awards Ceremony held during the 4th Annual LGWC Water Quality Forum., at the Fort William Henry Conference Center in Lake George, June 25th, 2007. 

Additional Information
For additional information please contact: David J. Decker, P.E., Tel: (518) 461-2200, e-mail: lg2000@nycap.rr.com 

Completed applications must be postmarked by TBA announced in April 2015
or delivered to the Village of Lake George,
by 5:00 PM on that date.

Mail applications to:
David J. Decker, P.E., Director
Lake George Watershed Coalition
c/o Village of Lake George
26 Old Post Road
Lake George, NY 12845


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Lake George Watershed Coalition
c/o Lake George Village
26 Old Post Road
Lake George, NY 12845

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